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One-stop shipping pack service

One-stop shipping pack service

Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment Service that can provide a full range of warehouse services, all kinds of products such as food raw materials, as well as utensils, are available from storage. Picking items by order Pack services to maintain temperature and transportation services nationwide, without having to invest in building their own transportation systems and not having to bear the burden of storing or managing warehouses themselves. Supporting small, online or large business operators and providing efficient business teams with technology that meets the standards of Warehouse Management System (WMS), RF Scanner and HHT (Hand Held Terminal) and dedicated warehouse professionals, it increases efficiency and accuracy in working with customers. 

What is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment service is a one-stop warehouse service that fixes the limitations of online sales businessmen because it is a service that facilitates the management of goods from start to destination, from the part of the storage of goods in the warehouse.  End user order picking up until it reaches the pack and ships to the destination. All procedures for managing goods can provide complete service in one place. 

 How does Fulfillment Service work?

Receiving and storing (Store) 

The storage of the goods will be according to the appropriateness of the product type.
INTER EXPRESS LOGISTICS PERFORMS THE RECEIPT OF GOODS AND RECORDS THE AMOUNT RECEIVED INTO THE WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. (WMS) : This includes notification of inventory amount so that business owners can track their inventory balance in real time, so that the service is suitable for all types of business owners. 


Once the business owner has submitted the information through the Order Management system, INTER EXRESS LOGISTICS will process the Order Check in the system and the Warehouse Management System will pay the goods (Pick) from the warehouse according to the order. 


After that, the product will be packed as appropriate for different types of products to ensure that the product is safe and maintains quality until it reaches its destination. 


Shipping is the last step after packing, it is delivered to the customer's address, sorted by delivery route, and realtime transport status is updated in the TMS system and tracking number is sent to the service user so that it can be forwarded to the customer for tracking the shipment.  


Take confidence in the full range of storage, pack, delivery service because throughout every step of the way, using inter express logistics works on the basis of international  meter GSDP (Good Storage and Distribution Practices) , a good standard of delivery and storage, ensuring that your products are well maintained and managed. Read more about GSDP standards here 

Warehouse category



INTER EXPRESS LOGISTICS warehouse services cover all types of services. Whether it is a general warehouse that is suitable for general goods that do not require temperature control, or a temperature-controlled warehouse suitable for products that require special temperature control care. To maintain the quality of products such as medicines, vaccines, food ingredients, beverages, until ice cream. 

What is a warehouse? 

A warehouse is an empty place to place items. Warehouse service also refers to the place where the quality of the goods is kept intact and the quality is ready to be delivered. 


Warehouse Services

  • INTER EXPRESS LOGISTICS provides one stop service for warehouse management and logistics.
  • Quality Management System in accordance with international standards
    (GSDP: Good Storage and Distribution Practices)
  • Excellent warehouse management with standardized software systems
  • Ensure the safety of the products that come to use the service.

Warehouse category


General warehouse

  • A common warehouse to store items that do not require temperature control, such as appliances, electrical appliances, etc. Office equipment, etc. 

Air Condition Warehouse

  • Temperature controlled warehouse by air conditioner
  • Temperature control at 25°C
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical capsules, medical devices, wine, etc.

Refrigerated Temperature Control Warehouse 

  • The temperature is 2-8 degrees Celsius.
  • Maintain the quality of short-lived products such as vegetables, fruits, processed foods, etc.

Frozen Temperature Control Warehouse 

  • Temperature below -18 degrees Celsius
  • Extend the life of the product for longer.
  • Suitable for frozen meat, frozen seafood, ice cream, etc.

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